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Swiss Victorinox INOX Replica Watches

Victorinox INOX Replica Watch is designed for the people who match with challenge spirit. You must not miss that amazing timepiece. No environment is too harsh for the I.N.O.X, it endures both shocks and extreme pressure. A wonderful piece for the adventurer.

Since its debut at the BaselWorld replica watch Fair in March 2014, the I.N.O.X. replica watch has experienced a veritable success story. The cornerstone of this success is I.N.O.X.'s unparalleled strength. Designed to withstand unusual levels of stress, it has undergone and passed with flying colors a battery of 130 ruthless tests that far exceed the normal certification standards of the Swiss replica watch industry. Unusual resistance tests were developed specifically for the I.N.O.X., and no fewer than 421 prototypes were sacrificed to ensure that it could achieve and surpass the desired objectives for strength and solidity. After four years of development and testing, the final result: a Swiss Made stainless steel replica watch that is second to none. I.N.O.X. has won a number of international awards and special mentions, including: replica watchPro, the replica watch magazine of reference in the UK, chose I.N.O.X. over Rolex Deep, Sea, Omega Seamaster Diver and Cartier Calibre for their "Sports replica watch of the Year" award. I.N.O.X. was selected by the American monthly men Journal as one of the 53 most innovative products in the 2014. This runaway success is the perfect birthday gift for Victorinox, which is celebrating its 130th anniversary, and its replica watchmaking division, Victorinox Swiss Army, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.