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Swiss Oris BC4 Replica Watches

Oris has created many functional replica watches, their replica watches are precision and durable. And their replica watch in a reasonably priced. So Oris BC4 Replica Watch is very familiar to people.

Generally speaking, pilot replica watch is one of the most popular replica watch type. Lots of business men wear it for some special occasions. Oris BC4 is a good aviation replica watch which offers something genuinely new and it is something not everyone notices at first glance. It become the official replica watch of British Royal Blue Eagles since 2008.

Oris BC4 has multi function time table and pointer type calendar. There is a sense of strong vertical crown, to aircraft turbine design muse, sense of the full three-dimensional design inadvertently reveal charming personality and domineering character. Inspired by the grain dial and elegant scale for military helicopters, and published two versions of the digital surface and the T-shaped and double deduction two expressions.

In addition, with a special folding belt buckle, the inspiration comes from the belt buckle of the aircraft seat belt. Equipped with fast locking system table crown, in recognition of the supremacy of the security is not compromised.

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