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Swiss Mido Ocean Star Replica Watches

Since its birth in 1944, Mido Ocean Star Replica Watch watches are always loyal to the leader of their own values, become a symbol of water sports enthusiasts swim in the ocean of trust.

Ocean Star Captain watch series appearance, overall very light, simple, and many different heavy Racing Form, in the hand and does not feel too heavy; and screwed transparent case-back, so that players can appreciate the beauty of the movement operation . This watch is the most unique in the sense that side of the case using rain tires shape, because most car tires called slicks and rain tires, rain tires linear tread surface, use this case to do the modeling , of course, many good-looking. Case is brushed matte surface treatment, tread recess is the use of sandblasting, make the case even more obvious lines. In addition to the bottom portion of the case on the edge, it is showing a slight contraction of the lines down, so although the case diameter of 39mm, but wear a smaller size Shique feeling, thanks to clever design watchmaker .

The conventional fluorescent paint surface will appear mostly white or yellow-green, so the face plate color most watch very monotonous, but with the technological development in recent years, some manufacturers have already developed, with bright fluorescent paint colors, although the effect of light not as bright, traditionally, in the dark, but still very smart. Six Arabic numerals wrist on the surface of the disc, and are based yellow fluorescent paint, after the actual test I found the yellow fluorescent paint luminous color close to white, but with a slightly green, people feel the magic of the new fluorescent paint place. In addition the biggest selling point of this watch is that Carbon fiber carbon fiber face plate, this material is the ultimate lightweight material, for the need to improve race pace car, it is a rare good thing, but MIDO use of carbon fiber face plate , leaving this watch is full of elements from the inside out racing style.

Watch equipped with an internal ETA-2824-2 movement, this is among the most commonly seen price movement, although the movement is only part of the disc automatically using Gen¨¨ve polish, but the so-called fleece, want movement polished glittering, but it was followed by higher pricing. Therefore MIDO in ten thousand yuan of the table, the whole process does not use grinding splint, but in the stopwatch and chronometer models, MIDO will show a high level of performance. MIDO has always been based on precise timing as the main appeal, even for non-certified chronometer watches, but also in the factory after three azimuth accuracy tuning, so many users praised the excellent accuracy, but also has a long history. The ETA-2824-2 automatic winding movement, bi-directional, compared with other movements, the chain is very good; additional movement thicker size also makes it a prime target for a lot of sports watch.