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Swiss Linde Werdelin Spidespeed Replica Watches

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Replica Watch watch that uses a different approach, its case is hollow. The principle remains the same, but the new replica watch, the weight saving is not so important, the gold carving drill made of 18-carat rose gold case remains 126 grams of weight. Hollow is a decorative craft splint on the mechanical replica watch movement, replica watchmaker response will reduce the excess part of the movement to make the skeleton other than the plywood was lines like, while maintaining the integrity of the structure of the movement to ensure that the movement is not accurate It affected a challenge.

Case consists of 32 parts, takes several hours to complete, brushed and polished beads processing order which form highly dynamic and technical, but it also brings a real tactile feast. Dial consists of 10 different levels of composition continued SpidoSpeed series of multi-dimensional topic. The table consists of a custom integrated chronograph movement driver, you can enjoy the beauty of the part of the movement through the sapphire crystal case back. This movement allows custom crown and buttons are perfectly aligned and easy to install accessory Linde Werdelin instrument. The gold replica watches will be numbered series launched, A family consists of 100.

A chronograph was a natural progression for Linde Werdelin, and the SpidoSpeed returns us to the flagship "Spido" family, sharing several design traits of the original SpidoLite and the just announced SpidoLite II. But, with the design of this piece, co-founder and creative director Morten Linde didn't simply rehash the case of the SpidoLite, he started with an entirely new inspiration - that of Formula One cars. Then, LW sought to find a movement that was at once proven and yet different than those used by competitors. Add to that a three-dimensional, two-piece, drilled dial and you have one really interesting driver's replica watch that, while focusing on supreme operabitliy, also takes form in that of a piece of pure design.