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Swiss Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Replica Watches

Now it introduced three timers racing timing device. Closely E'Collezione, limited edition, which is based on the "normal" Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Replica Watch mode. What is so limited it? First of all, color. This will be in each of the red and yellow, and only nine available.

As you can see, the color is everywhere, except on the dial. Bezel Digital (using specially designed Linde Werdelin font) is yellow or red, in both cases with the strap and itself has a red or yellow dot stitching and strap bolts.

Racing timing devices also have the word 'race' engraved stainless steel case back. All other features of the watch timer mode corresponds to the general 3, where 3 is a watch timer always watch my weekly rotation schedule, although the size of watch (46 mm กม 49 mm) of impressive, it is comfortable to wear Time. Available in both stainless steel and 18 carat gold, the stainless steel version would also become available with a brown dial (limited to 22 pieces).

My personal favorite Linde Werdelin watches are the ones in steel or gold. The reason being that you can fully appreciate the contrasting polished and brushed finishes on the case surfaces. However, if you are going to be highly active with your watch, you might want to explore getting one of Linde Werdelin's DLC (diamond like carbon) coatings that is very strong and scratch resistant. Of course the gold cased versions are going to be the most luxurious (and expensive) of the bunch.

The 3-Timer watch isn't for every occasion, but it satisfies in most of them. I return to the concept that it is good for both sport and a suit. A concept that many watches aspire to,but many fail to achieve. Hence,you can buy one for your own.