Swiss Jorg Gray Replica Watches for Your Best Choice

Swiss Jorg Gray Replica Watches

Jorg Gray Replica Watch launches two series of replica watches,calling Jorg Gray Presidential replica watch and Jorg Gray Sports replica watches. The designs of these replica watches are pretty cool, although I wonder if you'd consider them "fashion replica watches" more than anything else

Especially ,most people want to know the differences between Obama version and general version. Many people say that Obama is not a piece of the table Jorg Gray 6500, because of a lot of different places. In fact, Obama wearing jorg gray 6500 circulation on the market there are differences. Obama's piece is one of 50 purchased by the United States Secret Service,

Front middle pentagon United States Secret Service logo, while Jorg Gray logo moved to the lower left corner is reduced. Back of the replica watch is huge Jorg Gray logo. The version circulating on the market is the central front dial is Jorg Gray logo on the back is the "44th President Barack Obama, January 20, 2009, Commemorative Edition" words, to highlight its special status.

The presidential edition was the first of the batch to come out after Obama made the replica watch famous and it has the star at 12 o'clock instead of the Jorg Gray name/logo, which the commemorative edition have. The commemorative editions seems to be much more out there then the presidential edition. I am not looking to sell the replica watch, but I browsed around on E-bay and someone was trying to sell the presidential edition for over USD 800!!!

Overall, I am very happy with knowing about this replica watch. Not very expensive, looks good, feels good; has a good design and an accurate chronograph .